How To Practice Like Thor: Chris Hemsworth’s Superhero Exercise

Chris Hemsworth is without doubt one of the most envy-inducing deities in Hollywood. The Aussie attraction, Hugo Boss fits and impeccable comedian timing all assist, however whenever you’ve been taking part in a superheroic god for the perfect a part of a decade, you additionally want a physique that appears prefer it might truly save the universe.

In relation to health, the actor isn’t one to take a seat idle. The Chris Hemsworth exercise, as we’ll discover out, is brutally environment friendly – however trying like Thor isn’t all about what you elevate.

“To take it to Chris Hemsworth’s stage it’s essential to be constant throughout the board on coaching, vitamin and restoration,” says Luca Zocchi, the person tasked with getting Hemsworth into god-like form and resident coach at Centr, a health app led by the A-list actor himself.

“Diet is vital to attaining the look we’re going for. On a Marvel movie the place we’re coaching to appear like Thor, the toughest half is the vitamin. Getting in all these energy so he may be in surplus and put muscle mass on however not consuming an excessive amount of meals, as a result of then it’ll flip into fats.”

Zocchi recommends figuring out your upkeep energy for the day [for a man in his 20s it should be around 2500 calories] after which growing that by 10 %.

“Restoration is then the final piece of the puzzle,” says Zocchi. “You could have already achieved the work and given your physique the vitamins it wants, now it’s essential to get sleep in so the magic can occur. This may come all the way down to life-style. In case you select to remain in on a Friday evening as an alternative of consuming half the evening away and solely getting 4 hours’ sleep, you’ll see the advantages in your coaching and outcomes.”

After all, consuming all of the meals and dwelling like a saint is a problem however the actual hustle is all the time going to achieved on the fitness center. Which is why we requested Zocchi to interrupt down a typical Chris Hemsworth exercise. Warning: it ain’t simple.

The Thor Exercise

There aren’t many muscle teams excluded from this exercise. The compound workouts take a look at a number of physique elements in each transfer for max effectivity, although it is best to see improved definition within the arms, chest and shoulders particularly.

For every train full 10 repetitions of every permitting your self only a 30-second relaxation between them. These six workouts equal one spherical. It’s best to goal to finish 5 rounds in complete. Seems like a superhero job? That’s as a result of it’s. Count on to really feel sore if you wish to look Thor.

Burpee Curl to Press

Stand along with your toes hip-width aside with dumbbells down by your sides. In a single fluid movement, bend down and place your palms and dumbbells underneath your shoulders as you leap your toes backwards to a push-up place.

Full a push-up earlier than finishing the burpee by leaping your toes again underneath your physique, standing again up and elevating the dumbbells straight above your head as you accomplish that. Decrease the dumbbells to the beginning place. That is one rep.


Strolling Planks

Take the plank place along with your weight supported in your forearms and toes, your elbows beneath your shoulders, and your core muscle tissue engaged (squeeze your glutes and tense your abs). Take your proper arm from the ground, putting your hand on the ground under your proper shoulder.

Push up along with your proper hand whereas elevating your left arm and putting it beneath your left shoulder. Your place ought to resemble a slender push-up. Return to the beginning place. That’s one rep. Full the subsequent rep by main along with your left arm, then alternate.

Dumbbell Renegade Row And Push-up

Begin in a excessive plank place with a dumbbell in every hand. Your palms needs to be positioned beneath your shoulders along with your toes aside (the broader they’re, the better the train can be) and a straight line out of your shoulders to your ankles. Along with your core muscle tissue engaged, full a push-up.

On the high of the push up, row the proper dumbbell as much as your chest and again down, then go onto your left. That is one rep. To cut back the issue, carry out the train in your knees.


Dumbbell Bent-Over Rear Flys

Standing along with your knees barely bent, bend your self ahead from the hips so your again is straight. Maintain your dumbbells straight down, touching one another under your chest. Bear in mind, don’t to arch your again.

Whereas tensing your abdomen, increase every hand as much as the facet of your physique on the similar time, forming a T form. Don’t elevate the bells above the extent of your again. Slowly decrease your arms after which repeat.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl And Reverse Lunge

Stand upright holding your dumbbells by your facet and along with your palms dealing with towards your physique. Step your proper foot again behind your physique and lunge down, your proper knee touching the bottom and your left knee staying in keeping with your ankle.

On the similar time, increase each dumbbells as much as shoulder top, whereas conserving your elbows tucked in. Decrease the dumbbells as you come back your proper foot to the beginning place. That is one rep. Full the subsequent rep along with your left leg.


Lie down flat in your again, the legs and arms prolonged, pointed and hovering barely above the bottom. The important thing with this train is to tense your abs and glutes to maneuver with management moderately than momentum.

So, with management, slowly start to rock backwards and forwards. Increase your higher physique off the bottom as you decrease your legs, then rock again the opposite manner simply earlier than your legs contact the bottom. Preserve decrease physique contact with the bottom all through the motion. Rock ahead, then again – that is one rep. Repeat.

Luke Zocchi is a resident coach for Centr, Chris Hemsworth’s personalised digital well being and health program, which is accessible from the App Retailer for iPhone and Apple Watch or on-line at

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